4 Months ~ May 10th

Updated: May 12, 2021

Wow, 4 months, 120 DAYS alcohol FREE!!!! I am really progressing on this journey now. Some days are harder than others, but by the grace of God, I'm still pressing on day in and day out! As I'm pressing on, I'm realizing so much about myself that I never knew's pretty cool (and a little shocking). All my life, I thought I was this extroverted social butterfly who could be around anyone, but I found out that I am extroverted BUT I have terrible anxiety around crowds and loud noises of people which is the BIGGEST trigger of mine. This was a HUGE revelation for me! As I'm figuring myself out, I can make all the necessary adjustments to help me work through these tough situations. It's a BIG learning curve for me since alcohol was my everything for over 30 years and I honestly didn't know how I was going to socialize or have fun without it after all these years! BUT, I am DOING IT!!!!!!

Today, I am SO thankful for all that I'm learning in the AA program. I am learning so much on how to handle these tough situations by sitting my butt in the Wilder Building as much as I possibly can each week. I'm still going to my meetings as often as I can which ends up being around 5-6 meetings a week. I get so much out of each one and the fellowship with like minded people is priceless! They get you...really get you!

I'm all around changing. My mind, body and spirit is ALL changing. The way I'm learning to think, act and react is a true gift BUT I have a long ways to go! It's progress NOT perfection. It's continuing to learn about me and all that makes me really tick. It's dedicating myself to ME and taking care of ME for the first time in FOREVER!!!!!

Along with the AA program that I'm doing, Scott and I joined a small group at a local church to work on our marriage as well due to all the damage my drinking caused us over the years, and that small group was Gods perfect timing in our life. We're learning so much and our marriage is strengthening every day thanks to this amazing program called "re-engage". We've done marriage seminars before but this one is truly digging deep and is exactly what we needed! God is SO good!!!

So, 4 months here I am! 24 pounds down (yup, by only cutting the booze), my skin is much better, my hair, my nails, my sleep, my health, my relationships, and even my bowels...everything is BETTER because I gave up ALCOHOL!!! Yes, the enemy tries to tell me I can try to have just one drink, but I know where that ONE drink will lead me and how VERY far I've come, and THAT keeps me grounded. I will stay on the course and continue to take this journey one day at a time knowing that as long as I can get through today without a drink then EVERYTHING will be okay! With God ALL things are possible!!! Today, I choose to press on!

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