6 Months ~ July 10th

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Well Hellloooooo 6 MONTHS!!! I'm SO happy to meet you!

It's been QUITE a busy few weeks hence the reason I haven't written in a long while! BUT I'm back and have LOTS to catch up on! There's absolutely no way that I can possibly write it all down in this one post, but I'm going to share a story of how God worked recently in my life.

An amazing journey began with a beautiful friend that I met the first day I walked into the meeting room and started my journey living alcohol free. We instantly bonded, but she struggled, really struggled with staying off the booze. I remember when she relapsed the first time

and had to pick up another surrender chip, I broke down in tears. She was the first person I had seen relapse since I entered the program and she was my friend. This continued...she'd do okay for a little but would relapse again; HOWEVER, she kept coming back and trying again. She's SO strong and brave! My heart was aching for this sweet soul but all I could do was continue to be there for her and pray for her daily.

On Sunday morning, May 23rd, I was on my way to the 11am meeting in my workout clothes when I felt God place "go to church" on my heart. I was like huh, no way, not alone and NOT in my workout clothes! I kept feeling the nudge so I called Scott and told him, and he said "well, go!", SO I went. I walked in and straight to where we usually sit and all of a sudden a sweet new friend from a meeting (not my struggling friend) turned around and we embraced. We worshipped together, and she's been "my person" ever since!

I was SO excited to share how God brought us together with the others at the meeting the next day, and after I shared and the meeting ended, I invited 3 ladies (one being my friend who's struggling) with me to the Thursday night service. Two accepted, my struggling friend was a maybe. Once Thursday arrived, I reached out and my friend said she couldn't go, but the other 3 of us were going no matter what!! That afternoon, I was on my way home from the lake with the kids when my struggling friend called in a panic that she couldn't find her keys and had a doctors appointment. I had NO idea where she lived, but I told her to send me her address and I'd head her way. Well, she did AND we had JUST passed her house (I mean, all of Moore County)!! I whipped my car around and got her to the doctors appointment right on time. So unbelievable! Poor thing was anxious the entire ride there and said her husband would pick her up. I told her that I truly felt this happened for us to be together with the girls and I could come back after I dropped the kids off, but no pressure. I left, and she called and I came back to get her after she was done with the appointment (YAY). We had an hour before church so we got coffee and talked. She asked me how I was so strong, and I laid my heart out that I completely surrendered and I'm letting God lead me through each day. I told her that He speaks to us and she asked me "how do I hear from God?". I told her it's something that comes through praying to Him and having a relationship with Him, but it's something that we could learn together.

We made our way to church, met our friends and the girls were thrilled our friend was with me! We worshipped with songs then the sermon began, and we could NOT believe it! The sermon was HOW TO HEAR FROM GOD!!!!! My friend looked at me like what in the world is happening. I quietly thanked the Lord for this beautiful moment He created then continued to worship. After the service, we were discussing it all when I had a nudge to get the pastor to pray over our friend. I asked the girls, and it was very well received so I ran off to get the pastor and gave him a little history on our friend. He was more than happy to come in and pray over her. To my surprise, he spent over an hour with us, praying over us, and it was just beautiful in so many ways. Pastor Randy gave us all special Bibles and empowered us to read and journal, and share with each other how God is talking to us each day. We left feeling SO filled with goodness we could have exploded! We named ourselves the "Soul Sisters" that very evening, and the good Lord only knew what He had in store for us next!

I left for a week to the Caribbean with my family. While I was gone, our struggling friend got into a car accident, totaled her car, and it's truly amazing she walked away with just a DUI and no-one was hurt. When I got back, I found out about it all and this accident was a HUGE breaking point for her, but she buried herself in the bottle of shame and guilt. She tried to hide it but we knew she was struggling. I left for the lake for another week away and when I got back, our friend was struggling badly. The girls didn't want to worry me while I was away but wanted to inform me of it all since I was back, so we went out to lunch after the meeting. While we were there, a nudge on my heart said "go to her house". So, I told the girls and off we went. We were met at the door by her husband, a man that was completely broken inside after dealing with this all alone since both their mothers died in 2019. He looked at us and said "You ladies are angels sent by God". We talked for a while (our friend was passed out inside the house) and we came up with a plan. We exchanged numbers and immediately started a group text with him. July 4th, we kept in touch as we were all with our families. July 5th, our struggling friend text us that morning saying she'll meet us at the noon meeting. Wait, WHAT, how in the hell?!?! We talked to her husband and decided to go with the flow.

Well, she shows up, all discombobulated BUT it was SO good to see her! I invited her to the lake for the afternoon to chat which she graciously accepted. We get there, she's not acting herself, so I ask her if she's had anything to drink. She said she did this morning, but nothing since she picked up her surrender chip. We were having a good time until someone walked by and put a beer down in front of us. She lost it, opened her purse, pulled out a beer and started drinking it. I was in complete shock! I asked her to please stop, she said she was so sorry, but she just can't. I asked her to please pack her stuff. I had to take her home since I wasn't going to allow her to drink in front of me. She cried on the way to her house and asked for help. I said if YOU really want it, I will help. She asked me to take her to detox and I agreed, but I knew she had to be drunk to go. We discussed it all with her husband and we had a plan.

I go back to the lake to be with my kids (a friend was watching them) and joined the others. I prepped them earlier that I was coming to the lake and I would be sitting with a friend who needs some help (not trying to be antisocial) so they were super curious as to what happened when I got back. I gave them a little summary and another girl that I just met the day before said to me...if your friend is serious about getting help, I have the perfect girl that can help you. I was like WOAH, thank YOU!!!!! She gave me her info and let her friend (Stephanie) know I'd be reaching out IF my friend was serious. I took the kids home and received a text from my struggling friend saying that she wants to go to detox tomorrow. I informed her that if I was helping, it had to be tonight, and she finally agreed. On the way to her house, I phoned Stephanie and she told me what to do and to call when I got there so she could speak to my friend. I did as she said and called her once I arrived. I still had NO idea who this lady was, but all I knew was she was an angel. She talked with us for a while and asked lots of questions to my friend. She said she'd call us back in a few and when she did, she said there's no detox beds available right now but the ER knows she's coming. She just needs to be good and drunk. Ok, I've got this....we got her a bottle of red to drink since the beers were so filling. I got myself a big juicy cheeseburger, FF, large tea and 2 packs of M&M's to eat while I watched her drink one of my old wine. It was quite a mission BUT we got her to the ER and after 7 long hours, I got home to my bed and thanked God for her being where she was now. The miracles continued through the week each day I was there with her. She opened up to us all and felt the beauty of the huge weight of guilt off her back. Doors opened, doors closed, but another one would open. It was beautiful to see every bit of what God was doing in this girls life. She stayed in detox for one week and made the decision to go away to long term treatment where she'll be for at least 6 months to one year. She knows this is best and has peace in her heart. This time will allow her to truly work on herself and heal. I am BEYOND proud of her although I will miss her deeply while she is gone. The Soul Sisters WILL be taking her to treatment AND visiting her often...and we know our precious sweet sister WILL be okay.

Whew, what a few weeks it's been, but I have truly been humbled in this journey. I am grateful beyond words that when I surrendered on 1/10/21 that I made a promise that I would do my best to obey whatever He places on my heart to the best of my ability. This is something I've never done unless it was somewhat convenient for me until now, and WOW, is all I can say. When you truly surrender your life to the Lord, and you listen and obey Him...magical things really do happen and miracles occur! For the first time in my life, I know that God has a divine purpose in my life and everyone around me IF they choose to surrender, trust, listen and obey.

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