60 DAYS ~ March 10th

Today, I've reached a new milestone...60 DAYS alcohol FREE!!!!! WOW, I can't even believe it! Today is also my sweet Grandmother's heavenly Birthday, and I know she's been watching over me all these years and beaming with pride right now for where I am today!

I am SO much better off now! No, it hasn't been easy, but it's getting easier with each day that passes. Each meeting I attend reminds me of WHY I am doing exactly what I am doing. Each meeting reminds me that I was one step closer to losing everything I had worked so hard for all these many years. Each meeting is a true gift that I am SO grateful for every day! The shear support is inexplainable. My sponsor, oh how I LOVE her! The tribe of AA women that I've grown close to over the last 2 months are all amazing women that I adore. THIS is exactly where I am meant to be!

God makes NO mistakes! I would NOT be where I am today without Him showing me the way and lighting the path. I was on a road to destruction and He saved me from hitting the lowest of low. No, I may not be what AA expected when I came bouncing through the door for my first meeting so happy to be there (my friend always reminds me of that day and how she's never seen someone come into their first AA meeting so happy, haha), but I sure have reaped the many rewards in just 2 short months. I can't wait to be a sponsor and help someone work the program like I'm being helped. It's such a blessing and I want to bless others by helping them too.

This disease is rampant! Since I have been in the program, I have slowly opened up in different situations and once I do, others open up too. It's crazy to be quite honest. So many are ashamed and hide it which is understandable, but I'm finally getting to a point where I want to share so I can hopefully help someone else who may be struggling. I hid it for so long from so many. I was ashamed and embarrassed, but now, I feel FREE and everyone deserves to feel free from bondage! It's one of the worst feelings EVER! Our society tells us different, but WE can make the difference in other peoples lives by sharing our story! I'm still not shouting it from the mountain tops, but I'm surely getting close.

Today, I am SO thankful that I've stuck with it. I'm so thankful to be FREE and not be planning each day around my drinking. I'm thankful that I know if I have just one sip that I will start spiraling out of control. I am SO thankful for AA and all it has taught me. I am thankful for my family and friends who have been by my side supporting me and cheering me on each day. I would NOT be where I am without you! Most importantly, I am thankful for my higher power, God who has seen me through it all! There's still a long road ahead, but I feel strong and confident that I WILL get through this with each breath that I take! One day, one minute at a time!

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