90 DAYS ~ April 10th

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

NINETY DAYS!!!!!! WTH?!? Wow, did I, Stephanie, REALLY make it 90 DAYS?!? Well, yes, I did, and I'm SO DAMN amazed at how very far I've come in just 90 days! It's honestly surreal because I NEVER thought I could make it this far, but here I am, and at this point, I do NOT plan to EVER go back! Why would I? Life is SO much better! I am finally FREE of the awful grip that alcohol had on my life. I have peace! I am happy! I am confident! I feel beautiful for the first time in hmmmmm, FOREVER! I have found my destiny...helping other alcoholics be free, and that's where I know I need to be at this point in my life.

I turn 45 in a couple of weeks and I can't wait to have my first alcohol free birthday (crazy, huh)! I have so much life inside of me now that I could burst! It's truly amazing how incredible I feel! I can shout it from the mountain tops now! I am FREE!!!!! I'm down almost 20lbs by just cutting booze, my eyes and skin are clear, my moods are stable, I have a lot more energy, I sleep like a baby, my head is clear and I remember everything, and the biggest is that I'm 100% present for my husband and kids.

I am SO excited about all the future holds for me now that I have released the BIGGEST obstacle holding me back. Thank you to all who have supported me along the way! The love and support my family and friends have shown has been such a blessing to me! My awesome Maryland friends even surprised me with a 90 day celebration and presented me with my 90 day chip since I was unable to get one that day at a AA meeting (pic below). How thoughtful and amazing they are, and I was so humbled by their love. I am truly one lucky girl! I have a long ways to go, but I will continue one day at a time knowing that I have Him walking by my side each second of the day.

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