A Tribute to Amanda...4/11/2022

Today, we're saying "until next time" to a beautiful soul, Amanda MacKenzie Teague. The last 3 weeks have been the hardest, but they were filled with the most precious moments. I promised Amanda on her final day that I would share her life as I knew her, and that her story would live on forever. I met Amanda in 1993 at Saint Mary's School in Raleigh, NC. She was just 16. We instantly connected and were inseparable. She was my ride or die girl to the end and through it all! Amanda had it ALL from the eyes of this young girl at the time...she was truly a class act AND this girl had the BIGGEST heart and was THE most down to earth person I had EVER met! Everyone loved her and she would do anything for anyone she met.

As time passed, Amanda's struggle with addiction grew deeper. Amanda's mom and dad were her EVERYTHING. She adored them both, and Ann and Andre adored their baby girl and did everything to help her with her struggles. Amanda's life completely changed when she lost it all due to the sudden loss of her father's company and her divorce from her college sweetheart...the house and everything she had was gone, but one thing never changed...her love of life and her love for her momma and daddy...she always loved them unconditionally. It was never about the money for Amanda, it was all about the love.

22 years ago, Amanda met a genuine, compassionate and protective man, Kurt and eventually married him and had 2 beautiful babies that were her everything. Kurt was Amanda's one true love, and those babies meant everything to her. If you knew her, you definitely knew this. Unfortunately, the sudden loss of Amandas dad in 2013 and then ultimately, the loss of her kids 4 years ago devastated her. Amanda's alcoholism grew even deeper, but she NEVER stopped giving ALL her love to everyone else around her.

While sick with Liver Disease, Amanda continued to pour her heart and her love into her mom, friends, Kurt and caring for the elderly. It gave her a purpose and she was loved by all who knew her. She shared stories of sweet Ms. Evelyn with me, and I know she loved her and especially loved her late husband. Amanda had a very special relationship and way with everyone, and she still lit up the room even when she was sick. Unfortunately, she chose to hide her deepest struggles to not burden anyone, isolated herself towards the end and masked her problem as hard as she could until she was hospitalized on March 18th where she would stay until her passing of Liver Disease on April 6, 2022.

Today we celebrate the life of a beautiful soul who will always be remembered as a bright light in our life forever. May God watch over and comfort Amanda's precious kids, and her family. May they feel God's everlasting love and have peace in their hearts. Please keep the kids, Kurt and Ann in your prayers as well as the hearts of the adoptive parents to soften to allow Kurt and Ann, and the family, time with their sweet babies. What a blessing that would be for all.

Amanda will always and forever be in our hearts and being with her in the final days of her life has further strengthened my resolve to continue my own recovery at 16 months completely free of alcohol in my life. Amanda was so proud of me, and I know she would hope her passing at such a young age will be a lesson to us all.

Our hearts are broken that our sweet Amanda is no longer with us but we're thankful for the time we had to cover her with so much love and prayers until the very end, and our dearest Amanda is no longer suffering. She is with her sweet daddy and grandparents in Heaven now. She will always be close in our heart. Your story will live on my sweet friend, and your beautiful babies will know how very much you loved them. Today, I am grateful to be a recovering alcoholic and Amanda's story will never be forgotten and WILL live on forever. Until we meet again, Amanda, I will love you always and forever.

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