Baptism ~ March 20, 2022

BIG Day, and boy I was so, SO excited! Joy FILLED my heart, and I danced and sang all the way up until I was in that tub of holy water! I was baptized as a baby, which I don't remember, but THIS was my very own personal choice! And, it was clearly the next step for me and my walk with God.

In January 2021, I hit my bottom. I was spiritually bankrupt, feeling my lowest doom and gloom ever BUT God stepped in and saved me one day at a time! I was blessed with the most amazing sponsor (after I went through about 6 months of the breaking down of my ego) who guided me through the step work that led to my spiritual awakening around step 7 where pure JOY filled my soul. My goal was to finish the 12 steps by my one year which I did in January 2022 before I got my one-year chip! While our home was being built, we moved into a "temporary rental home" in August 2020 where I hit my bottom and our house was ready in March 2022. Nonetheless, I wanted to be completely cleansed with Holy Water for the new house so, I was SO ready to be baptized.

This day marks the day of my rebirth with Christ Jesus, and a day I'll never forget. So grateful for God's grace and mercy, and I will shout His praises forever.

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