Christmas Day

Updated: Jan 28

On Christmas day last year, the end of 2020, the year that most will never forget BUT definitely one my family and I will NEVER forget! I started drinking my annual mimosas that early Christmas morning, but I didn’t stop like I use to, and I proceeded to drink the rest of the day. Christmas dinner 2020, I do not remember, but I was there. Then, I passed out cold in front of my entire family. I woke up the next morning, so SO ashamed and embarrassed (like many other times) wondering what I did this time because I had no clue. My family sat me down so disappointed and worried (as they should have been) with a coming to Jesus moment, BUT that didn’t stop me! BUT God had GREAT plans for 1/9/2021 and today I am FREE! All Praise and Glory to God Almighty! So VERY grateful for His grace and mercy! Alcoholism does NOT discriminate! #350daysaf

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