Day 13 ~ January 23rd

Another Saturday in the books! 13 days today and feeling better and better with each day that passes. I attended my 5th AA meeting for the week. Yay, me! I am thoroughly enjoying going, listening and sharing my story. Today was the Saturday Women's Group and so inspiring. Many with years of sobriety, but one lady got her 22 year chip today. Another lady celebrated 34 years! WOW! That's just AMAZING to me! These ladies are completely sober and living their best life. How can I do this? How can I be like these women? The answer they gave me was quite simple..."work the program and don't drink today". Live one day at a time, talk to your sponsor, work the steps and "show up" to the meetings as much as possible each week. "Keep it simple" is the key. My thoughts start racing about the unknown and "how I'm going to handle it", but for today, I am simply living in the moment. I'm super proud of myself for making 5 meetings this week and I met my sponsor for a lunch meeting. I consider that a BIG win for my second week (first with AA). I feel strong and courageous, and I'll continue to trust in Him with every step I take. One day, one minute at a time.

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