Day 22 ~ February 1st

It's FEBRUARY!!! The month of LOTS of birthdays, Super Bowl, road trips and Valentine's day. Lots to celebrate in February without alcohol in my life. This year, I'll experience LOTS of first being alcohol free. My first Super Bowl without drinking (and after my embarrassing actions at last years Super Bowl party...that's definitely NOT a bad thing), sober Birthday celebrations, a ski trip with my family, seeing our Maryland friends, Valentine's Day dinner with my husband without WINE! Sex without being drunk. Sex and alcohol always worked really well for me (and my husband), but thankfully, I'm not immune to having sex without being drunk, who knew, haha. It's not plentiful right now, but my libido isn't either at the moment. I'm literally learning how to live again. Live a life of freedom and acceptance of ALL the things I'm "powerless" over. I didn't realize the gift of accepting this until now and it's SO freeing!

This month, I start to work on the second step..."We came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity." This step will not be hard for me. I know my higher power (God) very well and thankfully have for many, many years. I have a deep relationship with Him and truly believe that everything in my life has been by His design. It's truly amazing as I look back on my life to see how His plan has worked out for us in every way. We may not have realized it at that moment, but He makes NO mistakes. I know in my whole heart that He has seen me through everything in my life and has saved me. I owe this to Him and my family as well as myself! I'm truly amazed by Him...His grace and mercy are abundant, and we only have to ask to receive it. I pray daily (multiple times) for strength, grace and mercy, and I feel it ALL the time, thanks to Him.

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