Day 25 ~ February 4th

Whew, a busy but productive day! I'd normally LOVE to wind down with a glass (bottle) of wine, but I'm seating here blogging to ease my anxiety. Who would have thought I would enjoy writing so much?!? But, look at me. I'm NOT a writer, but I've found such enjoyment in doing this daily. I know one day, I will look back on this and laugh at some of my post. Thank you to my friends and family who are reading this daily, and for ALL your encouraging words! YOUR love and support mean the WORLD to me!!!!

I am SO thankful that in just 3 weeks of being in AA, I found a true gem of a sponsor, and an AMAZING tribe of incredible women in sobriety which is a HUGE support for me! A couple of the ladies live in the neighborhood where we're building while the others are near by too. What a blessing AA has been for me already and I am SO thankful that my friend encouraged me to go when she did. I can say without a doubt that THIS is where I'm suppose to and forever! I hope and pray that I can help people the way I'm being helped by my AA friends one day, but obviously, I have to get myself on the right track first!

My first 90 days (God willing), I'm laying low and taking care of myself. My husband is taking care of most stuff while I dive into my sobriety. We both agree that this is the most important thing at the moment. So, he's ALL in! He sees me working this program 110% each day with meetings, reading, blogging, praying, etc...and SO very proud of me. I don't deserve this, but I'm SO grateful!!! I'm doing everything EXCEPT of the biggest activities that help you in sobriety! Well, no more...I'm going to shake off my laziness (and self pity) and get to work on the other things in my life that I've been ignoring for so long...MY HEALTH! SO, I'm joining a gym and starting immediately!

Tomorrow is a full day...730am AA meeting, 930am doctors appointment (which I can't wait to tell her EVERYTHING about what I've been doing...she's going to be SO proud of me), 11am meeting with my sponsor and then wrapping up with another AA meeting at 12pm. THEN, off to join the gym! Heck, maybe I'll have time for a little workout before I get the kids, haha! Onward and upward I go. Never looking back...just pressing forward in thanks for ALL God's given me! His gifts are truly endless! We may not see it all now, BUT we know He's working ALL things out for our good.

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