Day 40 ~ February 19th

40 DAYS!!!! THIS is the longest I've been since being pregnant, and it feels SO good!!! This weekend, I'm doing another BIG step. I'm going for a little weekend getaway with my Husband. It's his Birthday weekend...he's turning the big 49! For his Birthday, we're actually going to a marriage retreat, hahaha...oh, what fun, right!?! Well, it's long overdue and something we're both looking forward to!

Way back in 2003 when we were doing our pre-marriage counseling, our pastor (and great friend of the family) had us commit to doing a marriage retreat once a year. It was one of the BEST advice we could have ever gotten, and we got so much out of it each year we attended. Well, we attended the first few years of our marriage, but then we had kids...and the retreats fell by the wayside. Life just gets in the way...especially when you have kids!

I was searching for churches in our new area, and one I was looking at was promoting their upcoming marriage retreat, so...I discussed with my Husband and my parents (our babysitters), and we booked our weekend away. After the past couple of years, but especially after this past year, this is EXACTLY what we need right now. Time to dig deep, process and share with each other...and start healing from the hurt I've caused him with my selfish drinking all these years. I have no idea what to expect as it's been SO long since we've attended one, but I'm excited! Excited to be away with him, without friends, family or kids...just us, which is something we haven't had since the start of Covid-19.

Marriage is something we take for granted. It's so easy to get complacent and forget that we have to nurture what we have daily. It's the little things that we tend to forget about in the hustle and bustle of it is just too busy. We have to force ourselves to slow down and remember the blessings that God's given us. When we became "one" on that unforgettable wedding day, we really weren't prepared for all the many ups and downs that marriages go through. It takes work...sometimes hard work to really push through. Unfortunately, marriages aren't looked at like they use to be. People don't really invest in each other anymore...they just get by with the day to day routines like roommates rushing in and out of the house. We HAVE to take time for each other...spend quality time together, talk about the hard stuff and the good stuff, take getaways and do routine date nights. Our kids need to see that our bond is the most important thing other than our relationship with God. Marriage isn't a temporary relationship, it's meant to be forever, but in order for it to be forever (and a happy one)…we must do everything we can each day to nurture and grow together. This world is broken and will break anyone if you don't wrap your marriage in the armor of God and nurture it daily. True happiness comes with peace, joy and love...ALL while trusting and believing in Him.

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