Day Number ONE ~ January 11th

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

So, here I am. I read A LOT during my "sober curious" years, and the first thing I knew I had to do...was have my tool kit ready for this big adventure. What's in my tool kit? Sober apps, books on sobriety, a line up of pod casts (I binged for hours today), a daily devotional favorite mocktail on hand (Bubbly seltzer with a splash of Raspberry ICE). I'll start adding in exercise soon but one thing at a time for sure!! I had some anxiety in the evening so I popped a night time natural gummy to help me relax. It helped, thankfully! I slept pretty good once I finally got to sleep and woke up in a puddle of sweat. Hoping for a better night tonight since I was up at 630am. I took the tools from my tool kit and used them to get through my day which turned out to be a good one overall. I'm off to have some family time then to bed. Here's to day two! Until then, SC

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