Happy New Year ~ 2022!!!!

On this first day of 2022, my prayer is this year brings you and your family peace, joy and happiness like never before.

2020 broke me, BUT God used 2021 to completely transform my life. That insecure, low self-esteem, anxious, fearful, materialistic, jealous, super sensitive, judge-mental, meek, chameleon, prideful alcoholic woman of the world that I WAS is NOW proclaiming thanksgiving for being forgiven and set free from the bondage of ALL of that in my life and standing FIRM with the Lord from this day forward. Living with Him one day at a time. To anyone whom I’ve hurt during the past many years while being an active alcoholic, I am deeply sorry and I would love to hear from you in a pm to have peace for you and me. If not, I ask for your forgiveness. #356daysaf

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