January 10th ~ 365 Days!!

January 10, 2021, I woke up feeling a little different. Not hungover since I didn’t blow it out the night before, but different. I went downstairs for coffee and Scott was heading out for groceries (he likes to go early before church). He said, you want the usual right, and I just paused and looked at him, and said ummmmmmmm, no, I’m done. AND I felt it in ALL of my being for the first time ever THEN a sense of peace came over me. Scott said are you sure, I thought you were waiting until Monday or the 13th, not football Sunday? The thought DID cross my mind to get all my favs and blow it out a couple more times (especially since it didn’t END like I had planned)! BUT God woke me up this beautiful morning ONE YEAR ago FREE of the desire to drink alcohol! TRULY a miracle!!!

ALL praise to God Almighty! 365 DAYS without THE one thing I didn’t think I could EVER live without, my little friend of over 30 years, alcohol. It’s truly a progressive and insidious disease, and I am just SO grateful to be on this side of it all now! Like SERIOUSLY, SO SO SO HAPPY!!!!!!!

Thank you to my dear friend of 45 years, Dayna for asking me to please just go to ONE meeting. Just TRY one, she said. Well, she truly saved my life. THE absolute BEST thing I EVER did for myself was to try and be willing!

SO very thankful for a supportive husband that allowed me the time to work on my recovery AND he stopped drinking to support me. My Sponsor, a true gift from God that has really helped me dig into my hurts, hang-ups and habits. And, for the unconditional love and support of my family, friends and wonderful fellowship in recovery. I am and will be FOREVER grateful. #365daysaf #itsamiracle

Ps. I guess I can throw out my wine socks now, thank you Dawn

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