New Season ~ November 13, 2022

Updated: Nov 19

What a journey these last 2 1/2 years have been! First, Covid shut our business down (for well over a year), THEN God up and moved our entire family from Maryland in 45 days into a rental in NC owning nothing but what we had gathered over 20 years while living in Virginia and Maryland, and a piece of property in a beautiful neighborhood in North Carolina, just 20 miles from my family.

Four months later, I hit my bottom with alcoholism and surrendered it all to God for help, and I had NO idea what was to come. One day at a time, I leaned on Him to get me through, and to my surprise, He made it so much easier than I ever expected it would be. Hard, but easy, if you know what I mean. He never let me go. Paving the way until I had my "spiritual awakening" and then, it all began to make sense. The veil was torn, and my eyes were opened. Out of the darkness into His glorious light, the beautiful life we were created to live with Him. AND, although I strayed, He had me all along the way, my entire life, just as He does for all of us alive today.

I want to shout the good news to all who are struggling...THERE IS A SOLUTION! COME OUT OF THE DARKNESS OF THIS TEMPORARY WORLD AND INTO HIS GLORIOUS LIGHT, BUT I'm only a small grain of sand in a very BIG world, nonetheless, I owe Him everything, so I will make seeking Him, and serving and loving others my mission for the rest of my life. Living one day at a time, surrendering my will to His, doing the next right thing, and being available to any person God leads me to love on. His way is the ONLY way I desire to go now.

5 years before I stopped drinking, I started questioning my alcohol intake and was concerned about my personal habits, so I began reading a few things about sobriety and going alcohol free. All the books had great suggestions that I used, but most recommended blogging and social media to hold yourself accountable. So, I started this site for blogging and then created a private Facebook group called Sober Living-Sober Mom, but only included my closest friends and family. God told me to go public, but I waited until 6 months to put it on my personal Facebook page, and I do my best to give Him all the glory in all I do because DUH, He's God Almighty. Since going public, several people have sent me private messages concerned about their own drinking or a loved one, and praise God, a couple are sober today.

After posting publicly for over a year, I felt a pull to move into a new direction. I prayed about this, and God reminded me while in church of the Facebook page we created and that would be a different outlet to reach people, and where I can pour love and light in a ministry...Sober Living Ministries. He gave me a verse for this Ministry which is 1 Peter 5:8 "Be SOBER-MINDED; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour." Sober-minded is defined as someone who is not "intoxicated" and therefore calm under pressure, self-controlled in all areas and is therefore able to remain calm. Ministry is what I truly love and do on the daily now, and I've never felt so passionate about anything in my life. But I have to be completely honest, I have no idea exactly where this will go, but I do know God does, so I will rest and trust Him having no expectations except to go wherever God leads me.

I continue to learn more and more about myself every single day, and one thing I learned is, I love to write. Who knew, haha! AND I finally love ME! God is good! Gosh, He's so, so good! 2 years, here we come, BUT one day at a time.

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