New Year's Eve 2021!

My first sober New Year was brought in with a bang…in bed with my sweet girl . It seems completely fitting actually after this year of being in recovery although this wasn’t my plan…Gods plan always trumps and is always the BEST plan! I’ve learned to accept this now more than ever, and I’m so grateful.

THIS situation may not have caused you anxiety and restlessness on NYE BUT a year ago, this would have looked MUCH different for my family!

As sad as this sounds (and it kills my heart), I would have NOT been there like I was last night. My husband would have been the one with her. She wouldn’t have wanted me with her because I would have been drinking and honestly, who the heck would blame her!!!

BUT yesterday, ALL she wanted was me. To hold her, to cuddle, to love and to be with her all evening and night. I didn’t leave her side, and it was hands down the absolute BEST way for me to bring in my first NYE in recovery! By the side of the one person that was my biggest WHY! Praise God for whom ALL blessings flow. #356daysaf

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