ONE Dang YEAR!!!! 1~10~2022

Updated: Jan 25

Whew, what a YEAR! I've been living way too loud in public the past couple of months (haha), but now I'm finally more stable and back to writing in private. I'm sure Facebook world is happy, hahahaha! I'm not promising anything though!

I can't believe it's been a whole dang year since I surrendered to my 30 plus year issue with alcohol. How did I really do this? Am I really that strong? Yes and YES, but not without the grace and mercy of my higher power (my Lord and savior) seeing me through each day, and learning to deepen my relationship with Him every day. So, I've been shouting His praises. Rubbing some people the wrong way (I'm slowly learning) and learning how to live this new life one day at a time. Walking in complete faith, surrendering it ALL every morning when I awake to see what each new day brings my way.

It's been WILD, but oh so beautiful. I am grateful. SO grateful. I have so SO much to catch up on here, which I will slowly, but for now, I just wanted to share that I'm BACK, privately gathering my thoughts here as I navigate my second year in recovery. This is going to be the hardest year, the year of my new reality. Thank YOU for putting up with all my highs and lows. I am grateful for you. SO grateful.

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