TWO WEEKS ~ January 24th

Today marks TWO WEEKS into my alcohol free journey. Yes, I've done this a couple of times before BUT this time is MUCH different. This is the FIRST time I've admitted that I truly am "powerless" over alcohol. THIS time, I can openly accept and admit that I have to make BIG changes in my life and alcohol has NO place in it. I've told my daughter (my son is still a little clueless, thankfully), I've put "my story" in my blog out to the universe, I've attended AA meetings for the first time EVER, and I've committed to this journey in my heart and to God, so I HAVE to do THIS now. All the HARD stuff, white knuckling it until the urge or desire passes. I have my crazy thoughts that I'm working on each day, but I give it ALL to Him, and He releases the burden from me each time. It's NOT easy, but I know this is my new journey and I have accepted it.

NOW, the hard work continues. The studying, reading, listening, "showing up" to meetings, and the self reflecting is getting me through each day. The hardest part is forgiving myself for all my mistakes, but as long as I continue to do all the HARD stuff and focus on my "WHY" then I am determined to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Taking in deep breaths, enjoying all the beauty around me that I've missed for so long. I am honestly looking forward to where this journey leads me. I am SO excited!

Unfortunately, we're living in a broken world. The best thing we can do is build our faith to the strongest it's ever been and focus on what REALLY, ourselves, family and friends. Life is too short for anything thing else in my life. Trials and tribulation are guaranteed, but how we choose to handle it is the BIG key to having peace in this broken world.

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